Prioritizing personal contact, while considering the broader perspective that excellence in longitudinal care requires—that is our mission.  Of course, we want to be certain to do things correctly, but we focus on doing them in the right way as well.


Comprehensive Care and Steadfast Commitment 

Typically, symptoms or findings get fairly immediate treatment.  However, as conditions aggregate and the number of one’s medications grows, it becomes more and more likely that each treatment can affect or worsen one of the other conditions present—and we all need someone to consider those possibilities from a more global perspective.

At Semper, considering the physiologic impact of the contemporaneous management of multiple conditions is one of the places that we offer our greatest insight to our patient-members.  


Complexity Simplified and Standards Personalized

No matter what our members’ age and no matter what their experience with health insurance or providers, we’ve all seen places that our and our loved ones’ care could be better.   Of course, in today’s world, healthcare is subject to multiple standards-of-care and multiple ways that excellence is measured—all for providers—but what’s been the effect?  For example, does electronic charting—which is the way that CMS and most insurers take their measurements—actually make the doctor-patient visit more fluid, or does it mostly get in the way?

The complex ecosystem of the expectations and the metrics used to define the excellence of the provider make little difference to us, as long as we can make certain that our people get what they need.  In other words, we think that national standards have their place—but our members need to have them appropriately individualized.


Expectations of Excellence 

Of course, we at Semper plan to care for patient-members in whatever way we can; our expectation is that improved medical insight and preventive care will have amazing effects.  

We also consider the responsibility for longitudinal treatments and the outcomes to be ours—we own it, just like our members.



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